Top 3 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Well, 2018 is just a week ahead and it is very exciting to enter in a new year with a lot of new opportunities.  I see that a lot of other crypto investors out there who are making their top picks of cryptocurrencies for 2018.They are trying to find the top few among whichever cryptocurrencies they believe have the greatest potential in terms of growth and profits for them to invest in. So I very much want to jump on this bandwagon as well and offer my general thoughts on this and that’s what I’m going to do in this article. Today, I’ve chosen the topic as the top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018 rather than just the top 5 or a top 10. I could have gone down that route. But, if I am being honest there are only really three that I am completely passionate and incredibly excited about.

And also I think they’re going to do well. I am extremely excited to discuss these 3 cryptocurrencies with you. But to many of my regular viewers, there aren’t going to be any surprises in this article at all. It’s the usual suspects that are going to come up but I still recommend you kind of stick to this article anyway because I’m going to be talking a lot about 2018 in particular which I haven’t done so much another post. So, I still think they’ll be value for you guys to read this.

Just keep this in mind that this isn’t intended to be construed as financial advice in any way. I’m just sharing my own very personal and professional opinions. All cryptocurrencies are incredibly risky so you know just keep that in mind at all times.

So we’re going to start with my number 1 pick among top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018 and that is going to be Iota.



Top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018

I’m not going to spend too much time to do a detailed discussion on iota. If you’re not really familiar with at all then you can check out my previous post where I actually explained every bit of information on Iota. Do check this post it would be really helpful: What is IOTA (Cryptocurrency)? Beginners guide.

In my opinion, the Iota could be a very very best investment that you could make in the whole of 2018. The reason I say this is because it’s current valuation is around 7 billion dollars. And it is based on the successful implementation of an unbelievably brilliant idea. What’s that idea?

A decentralized cryptocurrency that actually becomes much faster and more secure the larger the entire network gets. Iota has removed the miners and hence removed the fees which you had to pay earlier to miners for completing your transactions. This is because everyone plays an equal role in the network. Any time a someone makes a transaction the issuer must help authenticate to previous and random transactions. It uses a series of cryptographic algorithms along with many other sophisticated techniques to do this work. This work is done behind the scenes on such a small scale that any device could manage it without efforts.

This will potentially allow it to form the backbone of the Internet of Things economy that is absolutely massive. And if we’re talking about in terms of potential market caps, if they were to pull this

off then I can’t help but feel like it would be worth at least the value of Bitcoin in this kind of current very slow expensive state which is valued at around 190 billion dollars right now. I think there is the potential for unbelievable growth of IOTA. And that’s why I would consider it to be potentially the very best investment that you can make this year with cryptocurrencies.

The current valuation of around seven billion dollars is absolutely enormous. It is absolutely sky-high right now. I do believe that it definitely has a tremendous potential for growth. Also, there are some minor improvements or developments that are going to be made in 2018 which will have a pretty positive effect on the price of iota as well.

I think once we actually have a user-friendly desktop wallet for people to use that doesn’t require people to attach to the tangle it would give a nitro boost up to IOTA. Then eventually at some point in 2018, they’re going to get Hardware wallets support at some point like of trezor or ledger nano s as well which again is the absolutely positive point. Because I know that so many people out there don’t feel comfortable storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies if they can’t use something very safe and reliable like a hardware wallet.

I’m sure more exchanges are going to start dealing with it. I know that people in America in particular everyone in the US they’ve had problems with Bit Finex. They’ve been restricted from using that exchange altogether. So, I think that’s pretty much the main exchange or marketplace for iota right now. And we have many more options for everyone around the world that’s only going to do good things for the IOTA price. and I’m also going leave you with a link to a website:

Where you can buy IOTA and hundreds of another cryptocurrency very easily. So as for all of those reasons that I consider iota to be my own personal kind of moonshot pick for 2018.

Okay, next coming on to my number two choice of top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018 we have Bitcoin.



Bitcoin Top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018

If I were to characterize Bitcoin in the same way that I just characterized iota is my kind of

moonshot pit for 2018 I would have to call Bitcoin the kind of safe choice for this year. We all know that Bitcoin is dealing with problems right now like you have incredibly expensive and slow transactions going on. And you’ve had absolute bitterness and division and animosity within the Bitcoin community for a very very long time. Now despite all those things Bitcoin has a way of just keep marching on and the market cap just keeps increasing and the value of individual bitcoins keep increasing as well.

People call it honey badger of money for a reason. That’s because everyone who ever bets against Bitcoin or tries to destroy it ends up failing miserably. So I see absolutely no reason at all why that won’t continue to be the case in 2018 as well.

Especially with all the increasing mainstream awareness and adoption that we’re starting to see. I’m seeing coinbase trending on the App Store and

I’m seeing stories about Bitcoin trending on my personal Facebook pages and just anecdotally speaking as well I’m at the point now where I’m getting so many neighbors relatives asking me about my kind of Bitcoin investments.

It’s really important to note that they never actually asking me about my cryptocurrencies or about my etherium or about my iota or anything else. It’s always just how’s your Bitcoin doing which again in terms of potential increase in price for Bitcoin in 2018 is absolutely huge. It demonstrates that even when you have literally thousands of cryptocurrencies on to offer to people Bitcoin is still completely dominating when it comes to branding for everyday average people.

On the top of that is the potential for further scaling developments as well. You never know we might actually see the Lightning Network released at some point in 2018. Although I do probably think in all likelihood you might see that at the beginning of 2019 instead. But that’s not so much of a big deal to me because I actually think that today’s valuation of Bitcoin right now isn’t totally dependent on many of these kinds of future developments. They are just that we’re all hoping for.

I think Bitcoin derives much of its value right now from just being a censorship-resistant storage of value I think that in itself is absolutely enormously valuable to the entire world. And especially if we do see some kind of world recession or some kind of world’s economic problems for many countries out there then there’s the potential for but

Bitcoin values to just keep absolutely skyrocketing. So, if there are further delays for Bitcoin in terms of you know scalability, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. But if those things actually do go well then again it’s just, even more, a reason for Bitcoin to continue to keep going up in price.

I know that there are talks right now with Bitcoin being in a bubble. I know people are concerned about the CM e futures and stuff like that and Nasdaq and yeah it might lead to some kind of enormous bubble that pops her endlessly at some point in 2018 but what can you do that’s just the way that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have always kind of developed it’s always boom-bust or bubble cycles.

Most importantly, Bitcoin always has a funny way of just bouncing back and keep marching onwards. I know few raises this questions about how Bitcoin cash might affect all of this as well. Whether it’s going to eventually a Bitcoin and become the Bitcoin if you want to call it that but even if Bitcoin cash does rise enormously in value this year, I still think BTC is going to do extremely well.

The major reason is that it is going to have Wall Street investment and because BTC still has such branding dominance in the eyes of everyday average joe’s, I can’t help but be extremely bullish about Bitcoin on the whole. Even though I think, we all know scaling is going to be painful and transactions are going to continue to probably be more expensive and slower in all. I still think Bitcoin is going do well you just can’t rule it out.


And then finally my number three among top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018 is Etherium.


Etherium Top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018


If you regularly watch my articles then you’ll know that I’m an absolutely huge fan of etherium. I’ve had most of my money invested in it and till now it has served me incredibly well. I am insanely bullish about what 2018 has a great surprise for it as well.

The main reason why I’m so bullish about Etherium prospects for 2018 and beyond actually is because there’s very much a clear scaling roadmap in place that the entire community is agreed upon. This a kind of general consensus. Because there’s been the general consensus on which direction the entire etherium community wants to take we’ve been able to focus all of our time on just the TAC alone and how we can make etherium scalable to a server for the worldwide audience of billions of people.

We’ve had countless ICO’s raise funds to build great things on the platform as well. And in 2018 we’re going to start seeing all of these things come to fruition. We’re going to have projects utilize the plasma technology. And of course, in the first or second quarter of 2018, we’re going to have Constantinople as well. It is the kind of second half of the metropolis upgrade. It is going to introduce a hybrid of proof of stake consensus mechanism along with proof of work as well. So that’s incredibly exciting and then hopefully towards the end of 2018, there’s a very realistic chance that we’re going to see the highly anticipated Kasper upgrade as well where we fully transition to proof of stake as a way of securing the network.

And it is at this point that etherium could attract significant institutional investment. Also on the top of this, you’ve got all the continued investment and development from all of these enormous companies that are in the enterprise etherium Alliance. It is always in the news that governments want to ban Bitcoin because of bitcoin kind of rebellious libertarian project.

You just don’t ever hear etherium spoken of in the same light as well. Rather than being painted as another kind of libertarian project etherium is more thought of as just a tech platform. And which actually can benefit large companies, banks, and governments from using and investing it. The best illustration is when you had Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, calling Bitcoin a fraud. All the meanwhile JPMorgan itself is actually part of the enterprise etherium Alliance.

It’s just really hard for me to see how these factors couldn’t have an unbelievably positive effect on etherium. That is why etherium remains my number one pick for 2018. I will continue happily to have most of my money invested in the ether.

So, guys, these were my top 3 cryptocurrencies for 2018. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please share your thoughts on these 3 picks. And also you can suggest other cryptocurrencies which you think can do well in 2018.

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